Laptop Repair and AMC Services

We provide service & scale for all the brand line

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Apple, Sony, IBM

We provide the best laptop service that provides you with complete service designed to ease laptop repairs. You will be given our range of services to choose from, like – windows upgrade, data formatting, battery replacement, speaker, charging jack replacement, and laptop screen change with the best possible price for your laptop repair.

Institute is the best Repair Service Provider your partner for all your gadgets solutions. We provide repair services for Laptop and Desktop Computers. We provide door-to-door service all over Mumbai.

We assure you a high and qualified technician at your home service for computers and laptops. the services we provide are hardware, and installation, and so on for your computer based on your requirements.

What product do you want us to repair at your home which services do you want like, a laptop/computer/ and much more?

We can also provide cleaning services for the computer like accumulating dust, crumbs, and other debris between the keyboards and CPU by cleaning the brush to remove some dust from your keys and you also use a damp cloth of alcohol for cleaning the surface of your keywords.

We also provide you with the data consistency of your computer that you lost, deleted, or corrupted from your computer storage device by accident or because of a power cut.

the data recovery may that examining the data you lost from the storage device of your laptop and computer to determine whether you loss data due to hardware failure and software, we can restore your data by scanning with the data recovery software. This software program works by analyzing the file system and finding the trace of the deleted data from your laptop or computer.

Sanraj’s cooperative solution also has computer/laptop sales and services we provide various types of computers/laptops in our shop that can be for sale. We offer you the best products with great services in Mumbai. And there are various of variety of brands and manufacturers that can apply. The brand we are providing for the PC and laptop.

Are HP, Lenovo, gaming, Acer, Apple and much more.

We also provide them with repair and maintenance services for hardware and software issues. This can include the diagnosis of the computer and fixing hardware problems and viruses from all PC and laptops.

We provide all kinds of repairs and manufacturing in Sunray Cooperative solutions we can give you the repairing services centre in your nearest location at home. Onsite computer based on your required needs.

Our shop Sunraj Cooperative Solution gives the laptop and computer services of Acer and builds a reputation with in  the institution for the repairing services we provide to our customers and give them satisfaction with the work that our technicians are doing for them and their computers and laptops.

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