We sell a laptop for rental/ buying we also give the services to our customers from our Sunraj corporate solutions we create the best awareness among the corporate fields by giving the laptops to make work easy. we also provide services for repairing, replacing, manufacturing, and the laptop parts for work base laptops for daily and portable use in the office, home, and travelling.

The brands of laptops we provide are HP, Dell, Sony, Lenovo, and much more and this laptop is easy to carry everywhere.

In our services, we provide each laptop with a good affordable price and high performance so that the buyers can be satisfied with our services. And we provide laptops with high-quality functions and good features so that users can use the laptop very smoothly.

Our services can provide an old Laptop sale and second-hand online laptop purchases at cheap and the best laptops at affordable prices.

We also give laptops on rent for Officeworks and the price will be for laptop under 20000 so that customers can afford the laptop for work on rent.

The laptop we provided will be the best mid-range laptop with good efficiency and the best gaming monitor laptop with good key touches so it will be very comfortable.

We can also give parts for your laptop like the laptop screen, and other accessory parts for the laptop at an affordable price for laptop screen will be mentioned to you by purchasing the laptop screen price.

Our services provide the laptop that comes from the showroom where we store the  HP, Sony, Acer and Lenovo laptop showroom in better condition.

We have also given you an HP laptop original keyboard price suitable for the expenses you need you can visit our website or contact us to specify the price for the keyboard we can provide detailed information and the location so that you can reach us for your HP laptop. Besides this, we can also provide you with any brand of laptop keyboard.

We have the laptop battery for your laptop if the battery of your laptop was destroyed or not charged even if it is a plugin still not functioning well we can provide a battery for you in a better condition. the laptop battery price that we provide will be at an affordable price for you.

The laptop batteries that we provide you are HP, Sony, Lenovo, and Acer laptops price with suitable for specific brands of laptop.

Laptop advantages


A laptop is not just an electronic tool but it will be used as entertainment for fun besides work we can use the laptop for fun bases like watching movies, playing games, scrolling social media, and engaging in other activities on your laptop. Laptop provides entertainment and relaxation environments towards you whenever you want it.


Laptop is the most efficient device to take anywhere you want It is one of the most portable devices for laptops. A laptop was designed and lightweight to carry anywhere with less effort unlike a desktop, computer, and PC. Whether you travelling to the office, home or get to go you can take the laptop with you and do the productivity of work and business.

Space saving

 The laptop is a space-saving device that consumes less space on a desk or anywhere else besides devices that take up a lot of space such as desktops, and computers are dedicated lot space on desks that come with multiple components like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. unlike laptops have an all in one functions to integrate the laptop display, keyboard, touchpad and other essential components with good performance in a laptop.

Battery power

Laptops are well equipped with built-in batteries that allow Modern laptops can provide a battery that in single charge laptops work for several hours from usage of time away from battery power sources in laptops.

Wireless connectivity

a laptop can connect to different sources like WIFI and Bluetooth capabilities, enable wireless connectivity to the internet, printer, and other devices. Wireless connectivity eliminates the cables and wires and enhances the most convenient process of mobility.


Laptops are capable of running multiple applications allowing you to multitask. Whether it is documented, browsing the web, or streaming the video. A laptop can handle simultaneously switching between tasks seamlessly and a laptop offer also has flexibility in work so that you can do the work at a café, or at home with multitasking functions on a laptop.

Our sunraj corporate solution is bringing you numerous facilities in laptops to provide you the good and high-quality laptops from our side with different brands of offers in the laptop.   

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