Laptop Parts

We sell laptop accessories and provide the best parts for your laptop we can also provide you with installation services for your laptop needs with our expert technicians from Sunraj Corporate Solutions.  


We have a variety of laptop parts that you want, the parts we give can help to build your customized laptop with better function and smoothly works for your office, home, and graphics uses.


We can also sell the parts online for all laptop parts we provide online such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Sony, and Acer laptop spare parts of brands we can provide. In your nearby locations for the delivering the parts


Our services meet the customer’s needs and provide them with the best laptop parts with good functionality and quality spare parts.


The parts we provide are CPU, RAM, battery, keyboard and touchpads, display, motherboard, hard disc, speakers, adapters, laptop base panel, wireless network cards, and much more. this will include a wide range of variety of laptop parts and we provide for you at the best and most affordable price.


We can also give replacement services for various parts of laptops. Like   Acer battery replacement, Dell full-body laptop replacement and keyboards, battery replacement Lenovo laptop, and much more.

Parts for Laptop

Laptop fan internal

A laptop fan is typically small with a high-speed axial fan that circulates air through the laptop to create internal components to generate the laptop’s internal fan are a heat sink, thermal paste, dust filter, temperature sensors, and fan controllers in the laptop fan.

laptop base panel

the laptop base panel also called the bottom cover part of the laptop covers the interior function of the laptop. The base panel provides the structural support to hold the components securely in one place so it can be protected as a shield because of this it will protect from dust and damage. In the laptop base panel, there is access to the base panel for removing the internal components such as RAM, storage device, battery, and cooling fan for maintenance for the upgraded base panel. The components for the base panel are structure supports, protection, ventilation, and access to internal processes.


The motherboard is the main source of the computer that holds all the interior components together for the computer it includes a CPU (central processing unit), RAM (random access memory), storage device, graphic card, and USB These components are held by the motherboard.

We provide the parts for the motherboard of Dell laptops price and many more. The price will be low for the motherboard it will be affordable and high-quality for the laptop parts.


Our sunraj corporate solution can provide all parts laptop at an affordable price and we can give the services of inserting, replacing, and cleaning the laptop parts. so that you can use your computer smoothly and efficiently. We have overall all brands of laptop parts like motherboard, base panel, battery, keyboard and touchpads, display, and many more. we will guarantee your laptop will work for you with our support of laptop parts in sunraj corporate solution.   

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